High Five For Friday

It's Friday again! 1. My daughter sent her very first test message to me on Monday. She was using her friends iPod at school. She is growing up WAY to fast! 2. We bought a popsicle maker to use this summer. Since my son can't have high fructose corn syrup, we are limited on the... Continue Reading →

High Five For Friday

1. My daughter took her first surfing lesson. I knew she would do well, but she did so much better than I could have imagined. She's a natural! 2. My same little surfing princess is also officially a 2nd grader! 3. Wednesday was my 29th birthday. I had an amazing day with my husband! 4.... Continue Reading →

364 Days To Go

Yesterday was my 29th birthday!! I decided that the best way to celebrate was to spend a day with my favorite person and just have fun. So I took a day off work to spend with my husband. After getting the kids ready and off to summer camp, my husband and I headed to Orlando... Continue Reading →

High Five For Friday

I got this idea here. Every Friday you post 5 good things that happened during the week that you want to point out. It's a great way to 'high five' each other (and an easy blog post that wont take too long to compose!). 1. My husband's Father's Day surprise was amazing! And I checked... Continue Reading →

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