High Five For Friday

I got this idea here. Every Friday you post 5 good things that happened during the week that you want to point out. It’s a great way to ‘high five’ each other (and an easy blog post that wont take too long to compose!).

1. My husband’s Father’s Day surprise was amazing! And I checked off 2 things from my list. (Blog to come in the days ahead.)


2. Today is my 3rd anniversary with my law firm! Its been a great 3 years of learning and growth. I’m looking forward to many more!


3. My kids have had so much fun in their first week of their new summer program. This is the first time that both my kids have agreed about doing something. Both of them have already asked to come back to the same place next year!


4.  I bought the cutest skirt on clearance from Target! Can’t beat pink lace for $11.50.

pink skirt

5. My husband and I had a lunch date on Wednesday. I love spending quality time with the man of my dreams!


Linking up with Lauren today! Thanks for the fantastic idea!

 photo H54Fbutton-1_zpsa7aaa665.png

2 thoughts on “High Five For Friday

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    1. Thanks Laura! I’m not sure if there are other colors, I didn’t see any. But it’s only on clearance in the store. The website still has it at full price.


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