364 Days To Go

Yesterday was my 29th birthday!!

I decided that the best way to celebrate was to spend a day with my favorite person and just have fun. So I took a day off work to spend with my husband.

After getting the kids ready and off to summer camp, my husband and I headed to Orlando to spend the morning at Universal Studios. (We have annual passes and try to go as often as possible.) The new Transformers ride opened today, but they have had a soft release for about the last month. We have tried 3 times over this past month to get on the ride, but each time it shut down before we could get on. For my birthday, I was determined to ride it!

We were the first guests to get to the ride but it wasn’t opened for testing yet. We were told that we could check back throughout the day, but there was no guarantee it would open. Being that this was my only goal, and a fair amount of shade, we decided to stick it out and wait to see what happened. After an hour, the idea of the ride opening was getting slim, but since we were not made to move to the sun and wait, we stuck it out. 75 minutes in, the employee working at the line entrance decided to have the line of guests sing me ‘Happy Birthday’ while we waited. Every one in line knew that I would be the first on the ride if it opened!

When almost 90 minutes had past, finally someone came up to the gate and said it was open! Success!! My husband and I walked very quickly through the queue to the loading area of the ride. We were sat in the second row (only because employees were in the first) and we were off!20130620-144721.jpg
The ride was very fun. It runs on a platform like the Spider-Man ride if you have ever been on it. It’s a 3D ride and full of action. I am glad we waited, but I will not wait more than 30 minutes to ride it again. (Nothing against the ride, I just refuse to wait for long periods of time when I have an annual pass and have ridden it before.)

After Universal we went to Dave & Buster’s for some lunch and games. It was a blast! My husband hit the jackpot on a game and racked up 500 tickets! We spent about an hour playing like kids and then set off towards home.
We made a few stops along the way to walk around and window shop. After a long day out, we finally made it home to relax a little around 3:30. The only thing left to do was pick up the kids and have dinner.

It was a great birthday!! Now the real countdown to 30 begins!

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