High Five For Friday

It’s Friday again!

1. My daughter sent her very first test message to me on Monday. She was using her friends iPod at school. She is growing up WAY to fast!


2. We bought a popsicle maker to use this summer. Since my son can’t have high fructose corn syrup, we are limited on the ‘normal’ summer snacks he can eat. Now I can make all the popcicles he can eat using his favorite organic juices!!


3. I saved more money than I spent for the first time while grocery shopping! Thanks to some amazing sales and coupons from Publix, I was able to stock up on the organic juices my kids drink that normally NEVER go on sale. My pantry now looks like a juice store.


4. I had lunch with my best friend (who has a blog you can read here) on Wednesday to celebrate my birthday. And I was able to get a parking spot directly in front of the building. Something else that NEVER happens to me!


5. Tomorrow I am going to meet my best friend at the beach for a little fun in the sun! It’s going to be the start of a nice weekend!

Tell me about your week  and link up like I am using the link below.

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One thought on “High Five For Friday

Add yours

  1. Sounds like you had an amazing week. Here were a few of the highs from my week. My son came home from his grandma’s, my oldest daughter and I had an amazing time together with just the two of us (I think she likes me 🙂 ), I had an eye opening therapy session and I was told 3 different times that I didnt look 30 (even though the person saying so was carded and I wasn’t, I’m choosing to ignore that fact).


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