#24 – Stop Drinking Soda (i.e. Eliminate Caffeine)

So one of my goals to accomplish before I turn 30 is to stop drinking caffeine. I have been drinking soda since before I can remember. My mom always had a soda with her and I would drink whatever she had as a kid when I was thirsty. In the last year, my addiction has... Continue Reading →

High Five For Friday

Well, I have been horrible at blogging lately. Life has been crazy with moving and getting the kids into their new school. But now that things are getting pretty normal, I am back and hopefully it lasts! So here are some of the top moments from my week: 1. My friend sent me some tea... Continue Reading →

High Five For Friday

It's Friday again! Time to link up and share the top five moments of the week! 1. My husband admitted that I am right, and I actually had proof! 2. I finally had the chance to tell my mom and dad that I met my biological father last week. (Blog to come soon.) And they... Continue Reading →

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