#24 – Stop Drinking Soda (i.e. Eliminate Caffeine)

So one of my goals to accomplish before I turn 30 is to stop drinking caffeine. I have been drinking soda since before I can remember. My mom always had a soda with her and I would drink whatever she had as a kid when I was thirsty. In the last year, my addiction has become so bad that I have stopped drinking any other drink and only drink soda. That’s right, no water, juice, or even tea! I was told by a doctor many years ago that if I didn’t stop drinking soda I would cause myself to become diabetic. This is not an option. I have to take better care of my body, after all, it’s the only one I’m going to get! (Unless they develop a robot that can run from my brain and live forever. In that case, I’m switching bodies every time a newer model comes out…like a car!)

I can say right now that I am almost there! I have been caffeine free for the last 4 days without too many withdrawal-y (that is totally a word!) symptoms. Even my husband is impressed with how well I am doing. So here is my method for kicking the habit:

  1. Start alternating regular soda with caffeine free and stop drinking tea.
  2. Once you are used to 1/2 the caffeine intake from alternating, start drinking only caffeine free until you absolutely need a regular soda to curb a headache.
  3. Once you are drinking only caffeine free soda, start alternating between the soda and water.
  4. Once the withdrawal symptoms have vanished, continue increasing your water intake and stop drinking the caffeine free soda.
  5. Finally, Drink only water.

Now I must admit, I am currently only on step 3. I am still drinking caffeine free soda, but I drink far less than I used to. So the next step for me is to get back to drinking water. Hopefully in the next week I will be able to officially cross #24 off my 30 Before 30 list!

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