High Five For Friday

TGIF!!! I have been sick all week so I am very thankful it is finally Friday and I can try and relax a little bit. As usual, i am linking up with Lauren today for High Five for Friday! Here are the top 5 moment of my week:

1. My husband and daughter went out shopping Tuesday night while my son and I were home sick. She is the sweetest child and bought presents for us two sickies. She bought silly bands for us and even gave me Alice from her pack! (She bought Alice in Wonderland for herself, Toy Story for her brother and The Nightmare Before Christmas for me. This girl knows all her momma’s Disney favorites!)


2. While checking the stats on my blog I discovered that 3 people had pinned a skirt I blogged about here to their Pinterest boards! (I haven’t told anyone about my blog – except a couple close friends and the hubs –  I want people to find it without me asking them to read it, so it is exciting to see people are finding me!)


3. I caught my son singing Taylor Swift ‘We Are Never (Ever) Getting Back Together’ in the shower. My boy is going to be the next big thing some day! (If you are reading this and want to follow me on Instagram to see the video, click here to follow me.)


4. My husband’s new desk finally came in to World Market today. We have been on a waiting list for a few weeks so we are very excited to be able to pick it up later today and finally start getting his office set up here in the new house.


5. Finally, I have been blessed to be able to work from home this week while i have been sick. It’s a great feeling not having to worry about getting my colleagues sick and not having to miss any time from work!


So how was your week? You can link up with Lauren too by clicking the link below. You can discover a ton of new blogs by linking every week!

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