High Five For Friday

It’s Friday again. And that means it’s time to link up with Lauren for this weeks top 5 moments.

1. The kids and I spent a few hours at the beach on Saturday. There isn’t much in life better than the view from my favorite beach!


2. Living in Port Orange has given me access to a wonderful assortment of restaurants and food. (I think I am going to gain 20 lbs from eating breakfast at Panera!)


3. On Monday I had lunch with one of my best friends and then my other best friend came over to hang out with me and the kids after work. I love getting to see my friends so often.

4. We spent a little time enjoying the beautiful weather. The kids rode their bikes while I followed behind them on my roller blades. The next evening my husband and i tried to teach them to ride their bikes without training wheels. (Our kids have no balance…maybe next time will be better!) Can’t wait for the weather to cool down so we can spend more time riding around the neighborhood.

20130912-085951.jpg 20130912-085957.jpg

5. After particularly bad days at work, the husband and I found much needed relaxation!


Bonus #6: This year marks 5 years since my mom was diagnosed and underwent surgery for colon cancer. They removed the entire mass during her surgery and she was cancer free within days of finding out she had cancer. This week she had her 5 year follow up screening. I am so happy to report my mom is still cancer free! I couldn’t ask for anything better this week!
So how was your week? You can link up with Lauren too by clicking the link below. You can discover a ton of new blogs by linking every week!

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