A Universally Good Time


Last weekend the kids and I enjoyed a little fun in the sun at Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure. We have annual passes and try to go a couple times a month, but now that we moved and live further away from the parks, each visit is an event! We usually go to Studios first because Jack LOVES to ride ET! But this time we decided to do Islands first. Our plan was to go straight to the back and visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter first to avoid the long lines, but I decided to take it like a real tourist and go to the first ride we came upon and to follow the path through the park. If you know anything about Islands, you know this means Marvel Universe is the first stop. And what better ride to begin our day than The Amazing Spider-Man! This ride is a classic. And yes, I mean they haven’t changed it in YEARS! But that is the very reason it is so great. Rylan finally kept her eyes open the whole time and wasn’t scared of the characters during the ride.

20130921-174244.jpg 20130921-174300.jpg

After Spider-Man I wanted to try something new and go on a water ride. The Bilge Rat Barges were our next stop. We have never been on this ride before. I’m not a huge fan of water rides unless I’m at a water park. Walking through the line to the ride there are signs that say ‘You WILL get SOAKING wet on the ride!’ I didn’t believe it. I had seen several people exit the ride and they were only a little wet. Let me be the first to tell you…if you ever see a sign that says you WILL get wet…believe it!! The kids and I didn’t have a dry spot on us by the time the ride was over!

20130921-174320.jpg 20130921-174331.jpg

After the devastating, fully clothed bath we took, we decided to sit in the sun and eat a little lunch. A good thing about having kids with health restricted diets is that I bring food for us everywhere we go. This seriously keeps the cost down when visiting the theme parks! After lunch we finally made our way to the Wizardng World of Harry Potter. The kids are still too small to ride the big roller coaster, so we went for a ride on Flight of the Hippogriff. It’s the kid sized coaster and the kids love it. Our next stop was Olivander’s Wand Shop. The kids have never been to this attraction before so I was very excited that the wait was only 25 minutes. Unfortunately, it was another child chosen for the show, but the kids still enjoyed watching the wand choose it’s wizard. After the show we took a quick picture with the shop keeper. 20130921-174351.jpg 20130921-174401.jpg20130921-174410.jpg

We finished our visit to WWoHP with a stop in Honeydukes candy shop and Zonko’s joke shop.

20130921-174421.jpg 20130921-174440.jpg

After leaving WWoHP, we stopped off in the lost continent for henna tattoos.

20130921-174452.jpg 20130921-174501.jpg

At this point, we had to let the henna dry so we made the walk from Island’s to Studios. Here we took a walk through Springfield for the first time since this part of the park was expanded. We don’t watch the Simpson’s but it was fun to experience this world.

20130921-174516.jpg 20130921-174526.jpg

Next it was time for the Studios staples for our family, ET, Woody Woodpecker’s Nuthouse Coaster and the Animal Actors Show. These are Jack’s favorite rides so we make sure to hit them every time. And a trip to Universal wouldn’t be complete without watching the Horror Movie Makeup Show. After the makeup show it was time for the parade so we found a good spot to sit and watch.

20130921-174534.jpg 20130921-174549.jpg 20130921-174556.jpg 20130921-174618.jpg

We spent a much longer time at the parks than I had expected, but it was well worth it!

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