High Five For Friday

1. My best friend’s wedding was amazing this past weekend! I wrote a blog about it that you can read here for all the amazing details.

20131004-110555.jpg 20131004-110530.jpg

2. I found this Jack Skellington candle holder while we were down at Disney this weekend for the wedding. It was the perfect addition to my collection and the 1st official decoraction to be put up this year!


3. I spotted this snail crawling around Disney. As you can see, he is leaving his own mark on the world. I decided this weekend, that I want to to the same! I’m not waiting around for life to happen to me anymore. I’m making my own path from here on out.


4. I acted out Amy Farrah Fowler’s (from Big Bang Theory) reaction to getting a tiara as a gift. I may have looked insane, but I made my husband crack up. So it was a win!


5. I discovered I have a backbone this week. I finally found the courage to stand up for myself.  (And was once again reminded how supportive and amazing my husband it. I know that he is by my side no matter what may come and I am forever the luckiest woman alive to have him for my husband! )

20131004-110507.jpg (This was the only eCard i could find that had a decent backbone reference!)


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