High Five For Friday

It’s Friday again and time to link up with Lauren of The Lauren Elizabeth!
This week has been a roller coaster to say the least. I’m currently writing this blog on my cell phone sitting in the cardiac waiting room of the hospital. Intrigued?? Keep reading…
1. Sunday the kids and I celebrated my best friend’s 30th birthday!! I have known this lovely lady for more than 20 years.

2. I added a few more Halloween decorations to the house. It’s been a challenge this year to decorate since the new house is SO much bigger than the old apartment. What used to fill up the apartment now just looks like a couple of random things tossed around the house.

3. The kids and I went to Love’s Whole Food this week and found organic lollipops. It’s the first time in about a year they have been able to eat candy!


4. I FINALLY beat level 125 in candy crush! I know this should not be a big deal, but I’ve been stuck on that level for about three weeks already!

5. And finally…the reason I’m writing from the hospital. My husband had an appointment with the cardiologist yesterday morning to see if his heart was the reason for his breathing problems over the last six months. His heart rate had recently dropped to the mid to high 30’s which is NOT normal or good. After an EKG and an echo, the doctor told us that my husband’s heart had a 2:1 block and basically only fires half as much as it should. The doctor said he needed to be admitted right away because he couldn’t in good conscience let him leave and risk something serious happening. This morning my husband went into surgery for an EP Study to determine the cause of the problem. After they find the cause, they will implant either a regular pacemaker or the kind with the defibrillator. It’s been a scary 24 hours for us, but we know that it is good we finally have an answer and apparently a solution to his problems.
So here I sit, praying everything goes well and he has a fast recovery. This man is my world and I am not whole without him.

20131025-082825.jpg I’m wearing my husband’s wedding ring and my dad’s mom’s rosary that she have to me just before she passed away.

So how has your week been?

***Update: My husband’s surgery went well and they installed the pacemaker. The doctor said he should finally start getting better really soon!

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