High Five For Friday

Hello Friday! It feels like a week since I last saw you. It’s time to link up with Lauren again. This week has had some ups and downs, but let’s see if I can round up the 5 best ‘ups’ this week.

1. When asked what kind of mac and cheese my son wanted to eat this week he confidently, without hesitation, said ‘armpits’. After asking him a few more times and still getting ‘armpits’ he finally pointed to the box of elbow noodles!

2. My garbage disposal was making a strange sound and then stopped working all together, I called my dad (who is the owner if an appliance repair company) to ask him what to do. He gave me the steps and with that new found knowledge, I single handedly fixed the disposal all by myself! (And while walking out to the garage to get the tools I needed, I fixed the tires on my husband’s bike! Score one for Mrs. Bob Vila!

3. My husband bought me the most amazing ‘thank you for taking care of my sick butt’ present! Her name is Lola and she is the most gorgeous purse I have laid eyes on. It’s perfect for the fall.
4. My daughter lost another tooth and the tooth fairy actually remembered to show up! After bragging about remembering on Facebook, my friend publicly called me out for once using the excuse, ‘I don’t know why the tooth fairy didn’t bring you money and take your tooth. She must have gotten stuck in traffic’. (I’m never going to live down using that excuse at 5 am after forgetting to put money under her pillow!
5. My husband and I had a falling out with our best friend a couple years ago. After a long time of awkward meetings, we finally stopped talking about a year ago. Sadly we received a call yesterday morning that his father (who was practically family to us) passed away of a heart attack Wednesday night. It came as a huge shock to my husband and myself. But as sad as that is, it looks like his death might be bringing the three of us back together as friends. It makes me nervous to let him back into our lives, but he was such a huge part of it for so long, it may be worth it to try.

Now that I’ve shared my week with you, it’s time for you to share yours with me.

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