Confessions: I’m a Failure

I must make a confession. I’ve been avoiding admitting this, but I’m sure the few followers I have, surely have taken notice by now.

I am a failure! A blogging failure that is.

I started this blog to follow me through accomplishing my bucket list of things to do before I turned 30. But life is a complicated beast and shortly after deciding to do the blog, it decided to get in my way and not let me do the things on my list.

There have been numerous interferences. But it comes down to the fact that I simply do not have the money available to do all the things on my list. Most of the things I added cost money. With furloughs and family sickness, there just isn’t extra money lying around to go to sporting events, skydiving and the like.

And now the pressure is on. I have a monster list still to tackle and just over six months to complete it. I’m pretty sure most of the things on my list will now become part of my ‘30 things to do before I one day die, because I certainly wont be doing them this year’ list. (That will make for a really long page title!)

So with that in mind, the blog is changing a little bit. My original intention was to only blog about completing the things on my list. After all, that is what brought people to my blog. They don’t know me; they know what they expect to read from the title of the blog.  So, while I still plan on filling in my readers on the things I check off the list, I am also going to just start blogging about myself and my family. Whatever comes to mind may just end up here. And I hope my readers are ok with that.

To those of you that stay with me, thanks for finding me interesting enough to read. For those of you that decide I am not your cup of tea and decide to depart here, thanks for coming along for the ride this long.

I look forward to being able to blog more frequently now!

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