Challenge Accepted

One of my goals was to get down to my ideal weight. But since I set that goal for myself, I have been finding myself buying bigger and bigger clothes.

Now I am a ‘healthy’ weight for my height and age, and I am comfortable in my own skin for the most part. But I’m not where I want to be. Not even close!

My friend challenged me to a 30 day plank challenge yesterday. Easy enough, right? At least it is a start towards my goal. Yesterday and today the plank was only 20 seconds long. I decided to step it up a little and go to 30 seconds. (I know…I’m hardcore.) On the 30th day I am supposed to be able to hold the plank for 5 minutes. I’m not so sure that is going to happen but I am willing to see how long I can hold it.


And then today, that same ‘friend’ challenges me to a 30 day squat challenge on TOP of the plank challenge. It starts with 50 squats on the first day and ends with 250 squats on the 30th day. (See why I wrote ‘friend’? She is obviously trying to kill me!) But I accepted the challenge and during a break at the office today, I did my 50 squats. My legs are currently very sore.


So I’m now on my way to tightening up some muscles and eventually checking another thing off my list. Here’s hoping the next 30 days don’t kill me!

Are you up for the challenge?? If so, get started and let me know how you do!

3 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted

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  1. Ohhhh I will attempt this with you. I have attempted the squat challenge before but I think I have to reduce the amounts because of my back in the start but we will see how far I can get!


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