#5: Life Changing (Egg) Donation

One of my goals is to make a life changing donation to someone. I have never been sure what exactly that donation would be. It could be anything. But recently I made the first step towards completing that goal.

First I should give you a little background on me. My husband and I have been blessed with two perfect children. They are happy, healthy little terrors! We couldn’t have asked for better children. My husband and I had decided early on that two children were our limit. So after our son was born my husband had a vasectomy. But, as many women know, having children can have drastic changes on a woman. After the kids I had many severe problems. (I’ll spare you the details.) I decided to have a procedure called an endometrial ablation. The doctor made it clear that I could no longer become pregnant because it would kill the child and most likely kill me as well. Because my husband had a vasectomy, this procedure would not be a risky one for me. We had no more chances of becoming pregnant anyway, I just sealed the deal and made my life much better.

Now that I can no longer have children, I sometimes feel guilty for giving that privilege up when so many women cannot have children. It feels like a selfish choice. But for me, it was a good choice and it drastically changed my life for the better.

And here is where my donation goal comes in. My husband has a good friend who has been trying for quite a while to have kids. Unfortunately her husband and her have not been able to yet. I’m not entirely sure what is causing their struggle but I know I can offer to help. Although I can not be a surrogate, I still produce eggs. And since I’m not using them, I thought why not offer them to someone who could!

So I spoke for a while with my husband and we decided to make the offer. He spoke with his friend one day and told her that I was willing and ready to donate my eggs to her so that she and her husband could have a child of their own. She was shocked and truly thankful for the offer. So far, she has not taken us up on it, but she has not ruled it out either.

For now, I am still in possession of all my eggs. Hopefully in the future I can let a few go to give her the gift she so desperately wants. Even though my goal has not been completely accomplished, I feel good knowing that I made the first step. And even if she decides not to take us up on the offer, I know in my heart that I can check that off my list. The happiness she felt with just the offer is pretty life changing!

3 thoughts on “#5: Life Changing (Egg) Donation

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  1. This is beautiful and selfless! As someone who struggles with infertility, even though it’s for other reasons, I can truely say this is a wonderful thing that you’re willing to do. I hope your friend takes you up on the offer as I’m sure there would be no greater gift to her than to help her have a child of her own. God bless and good luck!


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