Childhood Dream Come True



When I was little I always loved Christmas time. Every year my mom and I picked out a real tree and decorated it with colored lights and wooden and glass ornaments she had since she was a child living in Germany. Every present was perfectly wrapped and tied with bows under the tree. But my tree was always different from my friend’s trees.

Most of my friends were wealthier than I was growing up. It wasn’t really a problem for me. I had everything I needed and just about everything I wanted (my grandma spoiled me rotten). But there wasn’t a surplus of money like my friends’ had. I found myself longing for the beautiful white lighted, color coordinated Christmas trees and the perfect Christmas villages that these friends had.

I knew that when I grew up and had my own Christmas tree, it would have only white lights and perfectly coordinated ornaments. But that wasn’t all. Have you ever driven through a nice neighborhood – you know…the kind with giant houses and perfectly manicured lawns – at Christmas, and saw the tree twinkling through a giant window on the front of the house? THAT is what I was determined to have some day.

The first year I moved out on my own I bought a little artificial tree, white lights, and silver and white ornaments. It was the perfect tree for me. After meeting the husband, we bought a 7.5 ft tall artificial tree, tons of white lights and red and silver ornaments. (Yes…the dream was coming true!) For the next couple years I started buying more creative ornaments but still in the perfect red, silver and now cream colors. It was beginning to take on a slightly rustic or country feel. And I loved it. But something was still missing.

I still wanted the twinkling lights in the big front window. Our fist house layout just didn’t work with my dream. Then we moved to an apartment and there simply wasn’t enough space to put the tree in front of a window. But this past August we moved to a beautiful new house with more than enough space, and a room at the front of the house with a BIG WINDOW!

The day after Thanksgiving I got down the Christmas tree and all the boxes of decorations. The kids and I spent the whole morning decorating the PERFECT tree, in front of the PERFECT window. And to make this dream even better, we finally had enough room to put both the Disney World Train and Monorail around the tree. (We bought both several years ago but haven’t had space for either of them the last 2 years.)

So now, after 29 years, I can finally say my childhood Christmas dream has come true!


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