High Five For Friday

Oh Friday, we meet again! The last week and a half has been quite crazy and I wasn’t up for blogging much. But now that I’m feeling more myself, let’s get to the link up so I can tell you all about it!

1. Last weekend was my husband’s weekend off. He doesn’t get many so we take advantage having him home with us. We had planned in going to universal on that Sunday, but my dear friend offered to take us to Disney instead. (She works at Disney and takes us a couple times a year!)
2. Monday morning I walked into work and found out they were letting me go. Under normal circumstances, I would have been really upset. But since I don’t have to worry about losing my job too soon anymore…I can FINALLY share that I have accepted a new job! It starts this coming Monday, so that means this week turned out to be a vacation for me!

3. Tuesday I finally had time to wrap Christmas presents. I’m very particular about how the presents are wrapped so this was an exciting day for me! (Monday’s post will explain all about my Christmas craziness!

4. Wednesday was my husband’s usual day off. We spent the morning hanging out and then picked the kids up from school to go to Universal Studios to watch Grinchmas and meet the Grinch and some Hoo’s. After Universal we headed to see Santa at Downtown Disney (this is our family tradition that we started the year our daughter was born). It was an amazing family day!
5. I had my hair done last week and went a darker red. But it didn’t take very well and faded really fast. Thursday I went back to the salon and had them redo the red. Wow…I am really red now and I love it!
How has your week been? Feel free to leave me a comment!

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