High Five For Friday

Hello again Friday! It’s time to link up with Lauren Elizabeth and share the top 5 moments of my week.

1. I started my new job this week and I couldn’t be happier!

2. I decided that I absolutely needed to watch tv while taking a bath Monday night and by any means necessary…yeah, that would be the tv on the floor in the hallway…

3. Wednesday night the husband and I went to dinner with our good friends at a fancy shmancy restaurant, Hyde Park. We’ve never eaten at such a classy place. Four words: World’s. Best. Au Gratin. Potatoes. And as we were standing up to leave, fireworks started going off. It was quite the experience!

4. There is a lake with a walking path around it at my work. The path is 1/2 a mile. Yesterday I walked it 2 times during my breaks and logged a full mile in less than 20 minutes! And along the way I discovered how pretty the local wildlife is! I plan on making this an every day occurrence.

5. Last night the husband had to make a trip out of town for work and the kids and I went with him. I finally got to listen to my Taylor Swift Christmas cd for the first time this year!

So how has your week been? Leave a comment below and link up!

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