High Five For Friday (Christmas Edition)

Hello Friday! I’m so happy to see you. Usually holidays mean long weekends, but this week Christmas was snack dab in the middle of the week which really makes the end of the week drag. So Friday, I thank you for showing up. I’m ready to get to the weekend!! Let’s get to linking up with Lauren and sharing the top 5 moments from this holiday week!

1. This week there were some great Christmas movies on. We watched It’s A Wonderful Life, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and The Polar Express!

2. I put my present wrapping skills to the test this week on a giant wine glass for my friend.


Nailed it! And bonus points because she loved the gift!

3. Christmas Eve was spent at my dad’s house eating the traditional Polish Catholic dinner. Even though the food is quite something…my step mom completely saved the taste buds with her chocolate raspberry cheesecake!

4. We managed to stay at home all Christmas Day! It was the first time I can remember that we didn’t have to go to anyone else’s house and it was fantastic. The kids actually got to play with the toys they got instead of having to wait until the weekend.

5. The husband got me my very own 11 foot long stand up paddle board!


I can’t wait to get out on the water on this beauty!

So how has your Christmas week been? Leave a comment below and link up!

2 thoughts on “High Five For Friday (Christmas Edition)

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  1. Totally envious of your SUP-mainly because I wish my husband thought I was athletic to the point where I want fancy exercise equipment! LOL Love the colors! P.S. It’s not a holiday unless there’s cream cheese (nice cheesecake)!


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