High Five For Friday

Today couldn't have come sooner! This week has seemed to drag on forever. I'm looking forward to the weekend. For no other reason except it's not a week day! As usual, today I'm linking up with Lauren to look back on the top 5 moments of the week. 1. Monday I took the kids to... Continue Reading →

No Planned Post = Doggie Pictures

I didn't want to skip a post today. If I skip 1 post I'm likely to miss a few. so I decided to share some of the pictures I have taken of our new doggie, Keebler! Hope you enjoy them.

WILAM Wednesday

This week I've been so distracted with our new doggie coming home that I haven't learned too much about myself. But don't fret! I have learned a couple things that I must tell you about. 1. My favorite food of all time, potatoes, are evil balls of fire sent straight from hell to torture my... Continue Reading →

High Five For Friday

It's a cold Friday here in Florida. Let's get to linking up withLauren to share the top 5 moments from my week! 1. The kids and I participated in my first 5k of the year and met a local news anchor! 2. I picked up this great table and wine rack from World Market. It... Continue Reading →


I had a post planned for today all about our new dog that we will be getting soon, but I woke up not feeling well and didn't have the energy to write it. So instead I will give you a little look into the HUGE geek that I am! That is the countdown clock for... Continue Reading →

WILAM Wednesday

It's Wednesday, and that means it's time to go over the amazing things I learned about myself (and the kids) this past week! 1. One of my kids (or possibly both as I haven't leaned the actual culprit) farts in their sleep. This is incredibly terrible when driving with the heat on because the car... Continue Reading →

Running With The Lions

Saturday the kids and I participated in the 33rd Annual Dick Batchelor Run For the Children. It was really cold that morning (like 49 dgrees...hey, that's cold for Florida!) and we had to be at the event at 6:15 am to pick up our race packet. I'm not sure I have ever participated in a... Continue Reading →

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