High Five For Friday

It’s that time of the week again where I link up with Lauren and share the top 5 moments of my week! This has been quite a good week. So let’s get started, shall we?

1. Saturday night we went our friend’s house to watch the UFC fight. (I don’t enjoy UFC fights AT ALL, but I won’t pass up the opportunity to spend time with great friends!) The guys got really comfy watching while us ladies caught up over a couple glasses of wine. The kids played all night long and we finally made it home, after a great night, at about 1:30am! **And if you didn’t see the fight, you missed the nastiest leg break I think I have ever seen. WARNING: The video is graphic!**


2. The husband and I are BIG Orlando City Soccer Club supporters. We received our new Iron Lion Firm (supporter club) shirts and membership cards in the mail. Saying I am excited for this next season (the last season before we start in the MLS!!!) would be an understatement!


3. We had a great New Year’s Eve! Dinner, sparklers and healthy sparkling cider made for a great family night. You can read more about our night here.


4. The husband was off work on New Year’s Day – which meant we got to spend a day off together! We spent a part of the day doing a little shopping where I found the most fantastic pair of jeans! And at Ikea we were able to pick up a few items to finish our daughter’s room. (It looks like such a big kid room now.)

5. Today is the birthday of the most wonderful man I have ever known! My husband is my best friend, supporter, confidant, rock, and love of my life! After all that we have been through this year with his heart, this birthday is a little more special to me than most. I couldn’t live without this amazing man in my life. Happy 35th birthday honey!


And bonus #6. After not feeling great and spending all yesterday evening preparing for the husband’s birthday today, my best friend and I had a long distance glass of wine (the one she introduced me to Saturday night)! Sometimes girls gotta do what girls gotta do to have a drink together!br />
Now it’s your turn to link up and tell me how your week has been!<

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