#24: Stop Drinking Coca-Cola

It’s official!!! I have FINALLY stopped drinking all forms of Coca-Cola!

After several failed attempts over the years to cut out soda, I decided to try a different way to eliminate it. Rather than going cold turkey, I decided slowly incorporate caffeine free Coke. After some time of alternating between regular and caffeine free, I was able to cut it down to just caffeine free Coke. It still tasted the same as the regular Coke and sort of tricked my body into thinking nothing had changed. So with that change, I didn’t go through the severe withdrawals that I have in the past! Score!

But with the taste still being the same, I couldn’t bear to stop drinking it all together. Well over the last couple weeks, with health problems mounting (post coming in next Monday’s confession about this), I knew it was time to cut it out all together. And as I drank less and less caffeine free Coke, I noticed that I wasn’t really interested in the taste anymore. It was no longer quenching my thirst as it has for so many years.

On Sunday I officially had my last Coke. I only had one and honestly I didn’t even finish it because I just didn’t like the taste!

I started this process at the end of August and it has taken me much longer to complete than I wanted, but I am so happy to be marking it off my list. Take that #24!

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