#33: Take a spin class

Tuesday afternoon my best friend of 20 years called me and asked me if I wanted to go to a spin class with her. It’s something I’ve been wanting to try it out for some time but haven’t had the courage. I’ve been worried I would look dumb and everyone would laugh at me. “They’re all gonna laugh at you…” Read in the creepy voice from Carrie. Her boyfriend’s mom teaches the class at our local YMCA so I figured with a buddy and a sort of family member instructor, maybe no one would laugh at me. So I said yes!!

My friend had told me what to bring and the best clothes to wear. She wanted to make sure I was fully prepared. So I followed her instructions to the letter. I wasn’t going to mess anything up and look ridiculous in front of a bunch of people who knew what they were doing.

Thursday morning rolls around and the alarm goes off at – the ass crack of dawn (4:30 am for those not familiar with the ass crack of dawn) – and I surprising wake up ready for the day. I quickly get ready and head out to the YMCA because you have to be there early to sign up for the bike you want.

The instructor helps me adjust the bike so that I am properly seated for my hour long class. I hop on the bike and start pedaling. So far…so good. A few minutes in I realize that the seat on the bike is really uncomfortable. So I do my best to adjust my body so I am in a better position. No luck. I keep moving around, standing up, sitting down, standing up. But it’s now more than just uncomfortable, it’s downright painful! I’m talking childbirth didn’t hurt my butt bones this badly! I don’t want to be the only one in the class that gives up so I continue on in my painful ride trying as hard as I can to get some sort of comfortable.

We are 40 minutes in to the class when I call it. I just couldn’t take it anymore! I stop pedaling and climb of the bike. The rest of the class continues on without me as I stand there and try to look like I’m not overwhelmed by the cardio aspect of it all. Because surprisingly that part I was tolerating just fine.

After another 5 minutes go by I decided to climb back on the bike and see if the pain had lessened any. WRONG! There was just no way I could possibly finish the class. So I climbed off again and stood next to my bike for the last 15 minutes of class waiting for everyone else to finish up. Humiliating!

My best friend had told me to go at my own pace and just do my best. But she never mentioned the excruciating pain that damn seat puts you in!!! So after class I talked to the instructor and she mentioned that I could always buy a cushion for my seat if I wanted to come back on Tuesday. Another participant in the class had overheard my painful story and said, “after a while you just get over it”. WTF? I don’t know who these people are with asses of steel, but mine sure isn’t just going to get over it!

After all is said and done, I am – insanely- planning on going back for Tuesday morning’s class. With padded shorts and a seat cushion that I plan buying this weekend…

Things I learned about myself today:
1. I can handle the cardio aspect of spin class.
2. I DO NOT have an ass of steel!
3. Apparently I like torture because I am signing up to do it over again.
4. I love my best friend…despite the fact she tried to kill me today.

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