High Five For Friday

“It’s finally Friday, I’m free again. I’ve got the motor running for a wild weekend…” Admit it, I just gt that song stuck in your head. Didn’t I?

It’s time to link up with Lauren and share the top 5 (well more like 10) moments of my week. And boy, oh boy, has it been a good week!

1. I checked two of my goals off my list this week #24 and #33!

2. I have been drinking 4-5 bottles of water a day and eating much healthier snacks every day. And I’m not sick of it yet!


3. I signed up for a 5k on January 18th, that runs through the Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure theme parks. I signed up through the Orlando City Soccer Club’s group, which means…I will be running with the lions!

4. I’ve started drinking hot tea more and finally found the perfect sugar bowl! Just try and say my Alice in Wonderland tea and chubby bird sugar bowl aren’t the cutest way to start the day!


5. I finally started doing some upper level work in my new job this week. I was able to go out into the field and literally take the first steps in a community project that will be building a mile long sidewalk/bike trail in my city along a road that kids travel to and from school everyday.

6. Last night I finally felt like a real ‘local’. We ordered delivery from a local pizza place rather than a big chain!

7. This is the husband’s weekend off which means we finally have some time to enjoy with him! Today he is meeting me for a lunch date at Red Robin and then Sunday we will spend the day at Universal Studios! Can’t beat that for a family fun weekend!

I hope everyone else had as great of a week as I did! Link up and tell me about it.

One thought on “High Five For Friday

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  1. Um, you are my hero…from 500 bottles of water a day to procuring the perfect sugar bowl to making life safe for children! WHOAH…save something for next year, ok? LOL. Totally impressed. I’ve gotta get outta the salon and off my tush over here! Totally inspired by you today!!!! Have a great weekend!


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