I Kicked Some Spin Class Ass

I did it!! I managed to endure a full spin class without dying!

Today was my second attempt at spinning after a very bad first try. Of you’re a regular reader then you know last week I tried my very first class and had to stop 45 minutes in because I was in so much pain from the bike seat cushion (or lack there of really). Well today I came prepared. I showed up early to be sure I could sign up for the one and only padded seat bike. I also wore my husband’s butt padded cycling shorts. Needless to say…I was ready this time to hit it hard.

The instructor did 1 minute drills today, which means nothing lasted for over a minute. Sounds easy right? Yeah…that’s going to be a NO! What it really means is that each minute still was incredibly intense! But I made it! At the end of the class I actually raised my hands Rocky style to cheer for myself for finishing!

It looks like I’m hooked. I really love that I can change the resistance on the bike and slow my pace if I need to. The instructor is there to guide me, but I am my only competition and I love that! I’m looking forward to continuing to push myself to get better every time.

If you’ve never tried a spin class I highly recommend it!

On a side note I learned that completing a spin class makes me feel entitled to eat a donut (or 3) because “I’ve earned it”. Pretty sure I’m going to have to figure out a new reward system!

2 thoughts on “I Kicked Some Spin Class Ass

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  1. Dang. Spin kicked my hiney! I petered out after 2 classes. Impressed!!! When my husband and I were early on in dating, he opened his trunk and there were a pair of fancy spin shoes. I couldn’t stop laughing (inside).


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