What I’ve Learned About Myself (WILAM) Wednesday

I learn something new about myself just about every day. Some days I learn several things! They can be funny, serious, ridiculous and even sad. So I decided to start a weekly series here on the blog called, What I’ve Learned About Myself Wednesdays or WILAM Wednesdays for short.

So let’s get started, shall we?

1. Finishing a spin class + 3 donut reward = eating more calories than I burned. Obviously my reward system is flawed!

2. When I get great news, I will jump up and down wherever I am. Even if that is in a public place with plenty of people watching!

3. I really like acronyms. Especially if they end up spelling something. Hello WILAM Wednesdays!

4. The only way to celebrate an accomplishment lately is to put my hands up in the air Rocky style.

5. When trying to out do someone in terms of soccer fandom…Europeans will always win! (Doug is German)
Have you learned anything about yourself lately? Leave a comment or write your own WILAM Wednesday blog and let’s link up!

2 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned About Myself (WILAM) Wednesday

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  1. I tried to comment yesterday but my computer must have been wonky and it wouldn’t let me! I gotta say, the Seattle Sounders fans give European soccer fans a run for their money! We had season tix last year when we lived there and learned all the songs! We’re going to a team USA game coming up soon too! My husband is a big fan. A friend of mine lives in Brazil and she’s having like 30 people stay with her in a 2 bedroom condo for the World Cup! She even asked if we wanted to join!!! lol. P.S. 3 donuts? My hero.


    1. I’m new to the whole soccer thing. My husband took me to a local game and I fell in love. Our team just became the 21st MLS franchise! We will be buying our season tickets once the new stadium is built!


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