Running With The Lions

Saturday the kids and I participated in the 33rd Annual Dick Batchelor Run For the Children. It was really cold that morning (like 49 dgrees…hey, that’s cold for Florida!) and we had to be at the event at 6:15 am to pick up our race packet. I’m not sure I have ever participated in a run when it was so cold outside! I actually broke down and let the kids have the hot cocoa that was there (and prayed that there were no ingredients in it the kids are restricted from having). We met up with the Orlando City Soccer Club team since we registered through them. And there I FINALLY got my first soccer scarf!

20140118-183040.jpg 20140118-183028.jpg

When the run was about to start I heard a familiar voice doing the announcements. To my surprise it was our favorite news anchor, John Brown! If you aren’t from our area, let me just tell you this guy is HILARIOUS! He is the reason we watch our local Fox station over the other local news stations. The husband couldn’t come to the run with us because he had to be at work early, so I started texting him that I was going to find a way to meet John. The kids and I walked all the way up to the stage he was standing on a patiently waited for him to get down so we could meet him. But I quickly realized he was not going to get down until all the runners had gone by. So the kids and I got on the course and were the last people to cross the starting line, (which he announced to over the mic). I pointed up to him and yelled, ‘we’ve been waiting to see you’. He quickly got down fromt he stage and came over to meet us. I told him that we loved watching him every morning and that my husband was bummed not to be able to meet him. I asked if we could snap a quick picture and he obliged.


(After the run was over I posted the picture of us on his FaceBook page and thanked him for meeting us. And he commented back to me on it!! Totally geek out moment!)


Ok, back to the run…

Since I had the kids with me, I knew it wouldn’t be a run I focused on time. We were just going to walk at a good pace and finish when we finished. Early on, my son started complaining that he had a cramp in his side and wanted to be done with the run. So in good mommy fashion, I picked him up and carried him for a while. When he was starting to feel a little better I put him down to walk on his own. We were about a mile in to the run when the kids told me they wanted to start jogging! Heck yeah! From there until the finish line we alternated between walking and jogging. The time at the finish line when we crossed was 53 minutes, but we had started at the very end so our time was probably more in the 45 minute range. I’m so proud of the kids for finishing a 5k with me!

After the 5k was over there was a kids fun run. The kids were excited to get to do a run just for them. They broke it up into age groups and Rylan was the first to run. She did great! Jack was next up and ran his little heart out too. But…for some reason he stopped running right before the finish line and started coming back to get me. I had to waive him on and run up to him to cross the finish line with him. (Gotta love that kid!)

20140118-182854.jpg 20140118-182915.jpg 20140118-183133.jpg

After the run there was supposed to be a place to meet up with the soccer team members and take pictures. But since we were so late to cross, we missed everyone. I was bummed but still happy to have been a part of the team.

It’s always so much fun for me to participate in 5k’s even when I can’t be competitive. I’m hoping to do one every month this year!

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  1. This is TOTALLY something I want to do with our future kids! How cool! I am a total celebrity geek person-one of my faves is Molly Shannon and I saw her at lunch a little while back. Chris was like, “Molly who?” Strong work on that run!


    1. It’s so much fun to bring the kids along on the runs. We are going to start training and building endurance so I can actually register them and we can run it for time! Too funny your husband didn’t know who she was. My husband actually recognizes people more than I do. He loves meeting people and getting autographs (mostly professional athletes)!


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