WILAM Wednesday

It’s Wednesday, and that means it’s time to go over the amazing things I learned about myself (and the kids) this past week!

1. One of my kids (or possibly both as I haven’t leaned the actual culprit) farts in their sleep. This is incredibly terrible when driving with the heat on because the car becomes a smell incubator!

2. I cry like a toddler when something I have my heart set on doesn’t go my way. (Seriously, I’m a little embarrassed in my behavior!)

3. Running into the doctor who delivered my son kinda creeps me out. (Luckily he didn’t recognize me. I mean, it’s been almost 6 years since I last saw him and he wasn’t exactly looking at my face that day!)

4. Even though I say I don’t care, I geek out over meeting celebrities (even local news anchors).

5. I am completely embarrassed by the people on The Bachelor. The situations are so uncomfortable! So much so that I have to have a blanket handy to cover my face when the situation becomes to embarrassing!

6. I am overly amused by the birds that hang out at the lake at my job. I take way to many pictures of them doing bird-like things.

7. I make a really good nurse when it’s for my kids or husband. My son busted his head open AGAIN and it was mommy to the rescue on wound duty. My husband was crucial in keeping our daughter calm through the ordeal. She can’t handle her brother being injured.

Have you learned anything interesting about yourself this week? Leave a comment below and tell me about it!

2 thoughts on “WILAM Wednesday

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  1. We are cringing behind a blanket during the bachelor too. It’s so awkward! GAHH! I’m wondering how un-shy I’m going to get in the delivery room. Your fam is so lucky to have such a good nurse..you’re probably more like a doctor!


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