Our New Addition To The Family

Today is a day more than a month in the making. Today is the day we bring our newest family member home!

My husband and I decided a while back that we were ready to get another dog. We both are big dog people, even though our dog now is tiny. While deciding what breed of dog would be best for us (I wanted a Rottweiler) my husband came up with a brilliant idea!

We have a good friend that is involved with an organization that breeds and trains service dogs for people with disabilities. On occasion, they have more puppies than volunteers to train them so they will sell a couple to good homes. We decided that this would be the best option for us. We started looking at the organization to see if/when there would be puppies available. While talking to our friend, who’s dog is actually a breeder for the organization, she asked of we would consider being a breeder caretaker. That means we get to keep the dog forever, but she is obligated to have a certain amount of litters over the course of her life. Don’t worry, it’s not a high number. The puppies that are born go back into the program and learn to be service dogs. So we get our dog and we are giving back to people who need the help. What a perfect situation!

We contacted the organization and asked for an application to begin the process. On the same day that we submitted out application, the organization posted on their Facebook page that they had a dog coming out of the prison pup program (some puppies get their initial obedience training from inmates as a rehab program) to be a breeder. She was 10 months old and ready for a caretaker home. How perfect!! I immediately sent a follow up email to the organization to let them know we would be happy with any puppy, but that this one would be perfect for our family.

A week later we got a call from the organization letting us know that we were approved and that the dog we saw would be ours! Oh happy day! I can honestly say we haven’t been this excited about something in a long time.

For the last couple weeks we have been waiting on our girl. She had been at a prison in South Florida for her training and we had to wait for a volunteer to bring her back to our area. Last Friday we got the call that she was finally coming up today!

So this afternoon my husband will be going to pick her up from the organization and finally brining our baby home!! She will be an amazing addition to our family, and because she is a certified service dog and must be socialized, she will be going just about everywhere with us. Not to mention because of her training, she will be able to help my husband when he is having bad days with his heart!

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