WILAM Wednesday

This week I’ve been so distracted with our new doggie coming home that I haven’t learned too much about myself. But don’t fret! I have learned a couple things that I must tell you about.

1. My favorite food of all time, potatoes, are evil balls of fire sent straight from hell to torture my stomach! In case you couldn’t tell, I figured out potatoes are a trigger for my ulcerative colitis. So screw you potatoes!

2. I knew I was going to be the ‘keeper of the keys’ at my job. I did not, however, know that I would be keeping every key that has EVER been lost in the history of the world!

3. I’m internationally known… to rock the microphone.

4. I will completely rearrange my life for our pets. I no longer have a coffee table in the living room because the new pup is too big to rest comfortably between it and the couch. And I no longer have a chair in the bedroom because the pup’s crate needed a place close to is.

Well that’s all I’ve got for this week! But don’t worry, what I lack in WILAM’s, I will TOTALLY make up for it in doggie pics this week!

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