High Five For Friday

Today couldn’t have come sooner! This week has seemed to drag on forever. I’m looking forward to the weekend. For no other reason except it’s not a week day!

As usual, today I’m linking up with Lauren to look back on the top 5 moments of the week.

1. Monday I took the kids to get a haircut. Jack needs one every couple of weeks, but Rylan’s hair has been growing out for several months now. They were both in serious need of a trim.

2. Tuesday we finally brought our new dog, Keebler home. She’s an amazingly smart and oh so beautiful golden retriever. She has so quickly become a part if this our family that we don’t know how we have lived without her so long!

3. Family sized bags of Haribo Gold Bears and Twizzlers were on sale at Target!

4. My blog was seen all over the world this week. Pretty impressive, if I do say so myself!


5. Sunday is the Super Bowl. And the commercials!

How was your week? Link up or leave a comment and tell me about it!!

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