Confession: I’m A Jewelry Weirdo

I’ve never been a big fan of jewelry. I know, I’m a disappointment to women everywhere. I’m not the girl that hopes Valentine’s Day and Christmas come with tiny boxes filled with shiny metal and diamonds. I like looking through jewelry catalogs, but I would most likely never wear anything from them. I’m just not a ‘typical’ jewelry girl.

Instead, I love inexpensive, unique jewelry! My taste change so frequently that I can’t stand spending a ton of money on something I think is cute today, because I’m likely to hate it next month. So if I can pick up a pair of earrings or necklace for less than $10, I’m sold!

Recently I’ve discovered World Market carries the perfect jewelry for me! It’s unusual, unique, different, and most importantly, INEXPENSIVE! Here are the pieces I’ve picked up so far:

482607_4.99 ER PEARL RHNSTN STUD 485768_4.99_ER_AMYTHST_TRDRP_STUD____ 29986_XXX_v1-w177


And here are the things that are on my list to get next:

q3 web 460748_earringturquoiseBrownSTUD 6470 25824_XXX_v1-w177 34323_XXX_v1-w177 485153_4.99_ER_GLD_METAL_FLWR_STUD___ 466035 BHR NK GLD DBL RING PENDANT    Department 30 pendant JAIPUR SILVER 27909_XXX_v1-w177 32193_XXX_v1-w177 29969_XXX_v1-w177




I could go on and on, and on, about the things I love from World Market. But I will save that for another day. Believe me, there are MANY things I am eyeing from this store. It’s one of the best stores ever!

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  1. I am SOO into World Market! I really like how you did this post layout. I’m such a unique-jewelry-hound. I get some great things at farmers markets or made by my friend Kelly ( when I visit her.


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