High Five For Friday

Friday, oh Friday how glad am I that you are here. I’ve been battling a cold for about two weeks now and this week has been the worst so far. I’m definitely ready for the weekend so I can relax and recuperate!

As usual, today I’m linking up with Lauren to share my top five moments of the week.

1. We discovered that all our dog’s obedience training goes out the window when there is a sandwich in the room. Not that this is a particularly great thing, but the picture was just hilarious!

2. I had dinner with a couple of friends his week. One I haven’t seen in years. We had a great night and even scored some cake from the women sitting at the table next to us!

3. I FINALLY got to eat donuts! Spin class Tuesdays mean I get to eat anything I want because I earned it!

4. Charley got neutered yesterday, so he can’t get Keebler pregnant, and brought home a new necklace! He was so pissed off at the hubby he wouldn’t look at him in the car!

5. After readings post on Monday, my wonderful husband bought me two new pairs of earrings from World Market!


How was your week? Leave me a comment below!

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