WILAM Wednesday

I’m back! I’m happy it’s Wednesday so I can share the amazing things I’ve learned about myself (and my kids) recently. So let’s get to it!

1. I don’t often crave Doritos, but when I do…I eat a family sized bag in 2 days.

2. If I find a new book I like, I will convince someone else to read it so I have someone to talk to about it! Seriously someone needs to hurry up and read the Divergent series so I can talk to you about it!

3. I can be peer pressured by 21 year olds to play drinking games. And let me just say, by round 3 I was pretty damn good at flip cup.

4. Counting cans of corn at the grocery store leads to severed toes. Well at least you would have thought it was severed by the amount of bleeding and crying Jack was doing.

5. I’m one of the many smart people who believe that saving documents to your desktop is safe…only to realize you’re an idiot when the hard drive dies!

6. Apparently I look trustworthy enough to become a foster mom to random children every time I go to the beach! Sure your kid can spend the day playing with mine while you pay no attention at all to them! 20140225-152156.jpg
Have you learned anything about yourself recently? Feel free to leave me a comment and tell me about it!

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