High Five For Friday

Hey Friday! Long time no see! I read everyone else’s H54F last week and they all seemed pretty cool. Think we can make up for it with today’s post? So do I! So let’s get on with it!

1. Tuesday was fundraiser night at a local restaurant. This week 10% of the proceeds from everyone’s bills are going to Desi to help her family pay medical bills in her fight against childhood cancer. Desi is in the same kindergarten class as my son and he absolutely ADORES her! We wanted to get a little something special for her so Jack picked out a stuffed animal and flowers to give her. Desi’s sweet little face lit up when he have her the flowers (even Jack was blushing). Her mom told us that they were the first bouquet of flowers she had ever been given! What can I tell ya, my little dude knows how to impress a lady!
2. Last weekend my husband’s cousin was in town for speedweeks. We had a blast hanging out with her and going to the races and a soccer match (it was her first pro match)! We can’t wait for the next time she comes to visit.
3. My newest Coach accessory, because I don’t already have enough, came in the mail this week. I’m pretty sure every woman should have a Coach mini jewelry pouch to carry in her purse!
4. My best friend FINALLY announced to the world that she and her husband are having a baby, in the best pregnancy announcement ever!

5. And finally, I signed up for my 401k program through my job. I know this isn’t a ‘wow’ moment for most, but I’ve never felt confident enough to put anything into these retirement plans. Yesterday I had the opportunity to sit down with a financial planner (provided by my job) to discuss how to best invest and use this plan for me. Im actually really excited to start building my retirement now! It OBVIOUSLY doesn’t take much to excite me these days…

6. The kids and I are participating in The Color Vibe 5k this weekend. I’ve been wanting to do this type of run for a long time and finally signed up. And bonus points because we will be running with Team Desi!
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! As usual, I linked up with Lauren today. Feel free to join the link up or just leave me a comment!

6 thoughts on “High Five For Friday

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  1. Seriously, your son is the sweetest! I’m so proud of you guys for directly supporting a child with this disease. They are so lucky to know you! That pregnancy announcement put me on the ground. I know a few people who would LOVE that to be theirs! Your Coach bag ROCKS. I love the girliness of it!!! Have a great weekend, Krista!!!


    1. Thanks! We are so proud of him. We were blessed with 2 healthy children. It breaks our hearts to see kids who are so sick. We try to help out where we can.


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