It’s Called New Release Tuesday…Not Friday, Genius

Everyone knows new movies, music and books come out in stores on Tuesdays. I don’t know who decided Tuesday was a good day for this, because it’s kind of a stupid day for it. I saw a couple weeks ago that The Hunger Games: Catching Fire was being released in early March. So I did what any other, slightly obsessed book/movie nerd, would do…I planned in putting the kids to bed a little early and having a movie night at home.

And then my world caved in. Apparently, some genius decided this particular movie was going to be released on Friday. Friday!! Who the hell changes movie release day on a movie that a lot of people want to see?! So now I’m pretty ticked off and tonight will be an average, run of the mill Tuesday.

Thanks, genius…

One thought on “It’s Called New Release Tuesday…Not Friday, Genius

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  1. OK, I live in LA and I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW THIS. I seriously live in a cave sometimes…I try to blame it on growing up mostly in Japan…wah wa wa. We had to wait a year for a TV show (recalling Beverly Hills 90210 and The Simpsons anticipation) to come on there. I was wearing slap bracelets eons after you etc. 🙂 I wonder what your plan B is?????


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