5 A.M. Comes Early

Well today is Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. Since I decided to give up sleeping in, today is the first day I required myself to be up at 5am! It was tough and I was tired, but it felt good to not have to rush.

I was able to make muffins for the kids for breakfast, do a couple sets of crunches before the dog attacked me with kisses, and even do my hair, all before it was time to leave! Not bad for my first day. I’m hoping as I get used to being up so early I can get back to running in the mornings.

Now the hard part of today…I have to fast and abstain from eating meat. I’m only allowed to eat something small at breakfast and lunch and then I can have fish for dinner. Doesn’t sound too hard I’m sure, but here’s the kicker: I don’t like fish! I guess I had better develop a liking for it since I will have to eat it very Friday through Easter. It will be a good thing if I finally develop the taste for fish because it is a healthier option for me anyway. Keep your fingers crossed that this works out for me!

Today is also good because I am going to meet with the RCIA director at my local church to find out if I can begin the process again to be confirmed in the Catholic religion. I’m really hoping for some good news at this meeting!

**CORRECTION: A work meeting came up and I had to reschedule my RCIA meeting. Hopefully the new meeting on Friday brings good news.**

Good luck to all of you who are giving up things this year for Lent. Happy Ash Wednesday everyone!

2 thoughts on “5 A.M. Comes Early

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  1. Totally inspirational! I’m still trying to decide what to do for lent!! AH! I’m going to look up a mass schedule now to find something in my area. 5 a.m. is amazing. When I come home with jet lag and have those early mornings for a bit, I CHERISH them and say that I’m going to keep it up but it fades quickly! I may follow suit! I’m excited for you to start classes again too!


    1. So did you decide on what you’re doing for lent? I’m glad my 5am wake up call is inspirational for you because right now they just feel like crap to me! I’m sure a few more days at this schedule will make it easier!


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