Are You Excited About Thursday?

It’s Thursday. It’s not generally a day that spurs excitement. But for me, this Thursday is particularly awesome.

Tonight the husband and I have a much needed date night! If you know me, then you know date nights are hard to come by. We have to find a night my husband isn’t working late and then coordinate that with my mom’s day off. So when those things all align, magic happens! Please don’t read that as the creepy MTV Cribs line the celebrities used when talking about ‘this is where the magic happens’ in the bedroom.

The plans haven’t been made yet so I don’t know what we will be doing but I’m pretty sure dinner will be had somewhere. There is something refreshing about not having the night planned out like we usually do. It means that when we leave the house tonight, we can do whatever we want!

So yeah, my Thursday is pretty darn exciting. Are you excited about anything today? Feel free to share in the comments.

One thought on “Are You Excited About Thursday?

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  1. Oh, nice! LOL-MTV cribs. It was like a requirement that they said something like that when they showed the bedroom…ew! 🙂 Have a great night! We’re going to dinner with my in-laws and their friends. Should be fun!


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