High Five For Friday

Friday, glorious Friday! It’s been quite a week so let’s get on to the top 5 moments of my week!

1. The kids and I participated in The Color Vibe 5k over the weekend. It was such a fun experience. We started off the run in our custom Team Desi shirts we made the night before and ended up a colorful mess! I can’t wait to do another one of these!

2. Thanks to a great tutorial from Lauren Elizabeth, I learned how to get beach waves. And I’m surprised at how quick and easy the style is. It’s become my everyday look!

3. This week has been my first full week of blogging since I started feeling bad. I’m not 100% but I’m getting better everyday and blogging everyday has helped!

4. This weekend my city is having Family Days. There is a little carnival set up with rides and food in the city center. The kids and I have a little date night planned while the husband is working tonight.

5. And the best thing this week was the date night I was able to have with my husband thanks to my momma. Last night the hubs and I went up to the outlets in St. Augustine for a little shopping. Having a husband who likes to shop is like having a gay best friend with benefits! Pretty awesome! I picked up the matching wallet to my new Coach leather bag and the cutest gold giraffe necklace from J. Crew! We also got each of the kids a new shirt for picture day at school today.
Dinner was followed by a fantastic dinner at one of our new favorite restaurants in town, Malibu Beach Grill.

As usual I’m linking up with Lauren this week. How was your week?

2 thoughts on “High Five For Friday

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  1. Date night/shopping night!!!! WOOOOWWWWWW You are the luckiest girl in the world! 🙂 Seriously that is so cool. Love that necklace. Your beach waves look AHHHHH-MAAAAAAAZIIIIIINNNNNGGG!!!! That run looks so fun! I’ll have to find one here after the baby! Have a wonderful weekend!! I’m weening off sugar this weekend!


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