Mom Fail

I’m a mom. And I think a pretty good one at that. But I’m definitely not perfect. I often find myself saying no to something the kids want to do for no real reason. I feel awful about it afterwards and have made it a point to try and say ‘yes’ more.

This morning while getting ready for work, my daughter came into the bathroom and asked if I would curl her hair for her field trip today. Initially I told her no because I was trying to get myself ready. Then I felt bad and told her that I would do it if I had enough time after I was done getting ready. She accepted that answer and went to the kitchen to help her brother pack his lunch. When she came back into the bathroom I was just about to do my hair. It was at that moment that I realized, taking a couple minutes to curl her hair first would not be the end of the world.

So I took 10 minutes and curled my daughter’s hair. She looked absolutely beautiful and she was so happy about it. After that, I quickly curled my hair and still made it out the door on time.

That 10 minutes this morning was all it took for my daughter to be happy. Had I said no to her like I usually do, she still would have had a good day, but now it’s just that much better. I have to encourage myself and all the other mom’s out there to take that extra few minutes. Adding that time to your day isn’t going to set you back very much, but I guarantee it will mean the world to your child!

And after that warm moment with my daughter this morning…I forgot to take a picture! TOTAL FAIL!

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  1. LOL, yes, we want a photo!!! šŸ™‚ You are so lucky to have a daughter! You are so sweet to do her hair! I bet it is tough when you have to take care of another person and yourself. Ah…I’m about to learn it all! I love this story.


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