Six Years Ago My World Was Forever Changed

Six years ago today I was laying in the hospital. I was very sick and in excruciating pain. I had a very severe sinus infection and wasn’t able to take medicine strong enough because I was pregnant with my son. Ironic that I currently have a sinus infection. The day before I was at my 38 week checkup and my blood pressure was through the roof because I was so sick. That day we formally gave my son his eviction notice. He had less that 24 hours to vacate the premises before heavy antibiotics were being sent in to kill the radicals living in my sinuses.

So six years ago today, I was hooked up to several IV’s and begin the process of having my second child. I am terrified of needles so I turned down the epidural. The only meds I was taking were the ones they could out through my IV line. I refused the stadol because I learned with my daughter that is just a way to paralyze a woman between contractions. I was going to go through this, my second induction, without any pain medication. I was a tough chick back then! Three and a half hours into labor, the nurse kindly suggested that the epidural be used and I finally agreed. They sat me up and prepped my back. No sooner did they put the line into my back, Jack decided it was time to go and they had to lay me back down. I was having this baby the way I wanted, with no epidural!

Four hours after hooking up my first IV, I was holding my son in my arms. My handsome dark skinned, jet black haired, Italian looking son. There had been a nine month long inside joke that my son was actually a product of my husband’s best friend. So when Jack was born looking Italian instead of Welsh it was a cause for hilarity.
The day we brought him home his sister fell in love with him. She was forever going to be his best friend. And although over the years they have had more fights than I can count, they always have each other’s back against the world.
20140319-090057.jpg 20140319-090238.jpg

He has taught me so many things throughout these last 6 years. I have learned patience when we were figuring out that he has ADHD and that certain foods make it worse. I have learned acceptance because at his young age he has accepted that certain things are not good for him and politely turns them down when other kids would not. I have learned to be a nurse when he hurts himself.


 I have learned it’s ok to be your own person. I have learned to find the joy in every day. I have learned to laugh often because there is not a day that goes by that he doesn’t find something funny to tell me. There are so many more things I have learned from this amazing little boy, but if I keep going I will start crying and that is something I don’t want to do today!

What I am most proud of from this little man is his heart. It’s wide open and accepts everyone. He doesn’t see color, race, religion, disability, age or size. He only sees a friend. In everyone, my son can see goodness. And that is truly a gift from God.

Today I wish the happiest of birthday’s to my little monkey. My life is forever better just having him in it.

20140319-090158.jpg 20140319-090205.jpg 20140319-090212.jpg 20140319-090221.jpg 20140319-090227.jpg 20140319-090250.jpg 20140319-090259.jpg 20140319-090305.jpg 20140319-090312.jpg 20140319-090318.jpg 20140319-090324.jpg 20140319-090332.jpg 20140319-090340.jpg  20140319-090354.jpg 20140319-090403.jpg

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  1. This got me all teary and excited! I am praying for a labor and delivery like this-happens too quickly for me to take the epidural! 🙂 I am really focusing on my fitness so that it happens easily! You love your kids so much-it shows! You’re so lucky and I’m so excited to see what that’s like! Happy Birthday, Jack! My sister is my best friend and has been since the day I met her. I hope that I can have many kids too!


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