Big Changes Are Coming

Did that sound ominous? Typing it felt like I was saying doomsday was upon us!

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. I initially started this blog to follow my journey completing a bucket list before my 30th birthday. But I quickly realized that I had to add more to the blog than just those things because it is nearly impossible to complete a goal every day. So I started adding more about me and my family.

The blog has become more about my life than just my bucket list and it seems that the people reading regularly like that. Let me know if I’m wrong my dear followers! and I am really enjoying it too.

So in the coming days I am planning on switching up the blog name to make it a little more fitting for the direction I’ve been going. I still plan on having posts about my completed goals, but I don’t want to masquerade as a complete bucket list blog when it’s not the case.

I hope you all stick with me and enjoy what is coming!

One thought on “Big Changes Are Coming

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  1. Oh MAN!!! I am so excited to see the new name!!!!! I think about changing my blog name sometimes and then I can’t think of anything else. I hope you share the process of how you came to your final choice!


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