Weekly Wows

This week has been challenging with me having a sinus infection and then it settling in my chest. But I still managed to make the best of my week. So let’s get to linking up with Lauren!

1. The weekend was spent celebrating my son’s 6th birthday. Saturday we started with the O’hana Character Breakfast at Disney’s Polynesian Resort.

 20140321-075516.jpg  20140321-075743.jpg

After Disney, we went to universal where we met all the superheroes!


2. Wednesday was my son’s birthday and my husband spent the day transforming his room from sports to superheroes. He was so excited when he saw his room he couldn’t stop smiling and hugging us!

3. This breakfast happened…

 20140321-083819.jpg  20140321-083829.jpg

4. I spent Thursday evening baking cake, drinking a glass of wine and watching Frozen. The kids were at my mom’s house for the first couple days of spring break.


And since my mom had the kids, the husband and I had a late night movie date and saw Divergent! Where I learned I am not a fan of teenage girls and I hope like hell that I wasn’t as annoying at that age. Although I’m sure I probably was…


5. I bought my new domain name for the blog! I can’t wait to roll out the changes next week!

How has your week been?

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