I’m Not Ashamed

Last night while playing tag with my daughter, my husband and I tried to corner her and tag her from both sides. Well for me, that turned out to be a really bad idea because when she realized I was behind her, her knee jerked up and slammed right into my shin! OUCH! Let me tell you, in the battle of shin vs. knee…knee will win every time!

My daughter felt really bad for hurting me, although I explained it was my fault for startling her. So to make me feel better, she went into her drawer of stuffed animals and pulled out my old teddy bear. She told me to sleep with him so I would feel better.

After my son saw that I would be sleeping with a teddy bear, he went into his drawer of stuffed animals to get my old stuffed turtle to sleep with.

So last night I slept with not only my husband, but Binky (the bear) and Chopper (the turtle). And what do you know? My leg felt better when I got up this morning!

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