Confession: My Kids Are Colorblind

And I’m not talking red/green colorblind. My children don’t notice the difference between different races of people.

One day, when my daughter was maybe 4 years old, she looked over at someone in a car and asked why that man was ‘brown’. I was shocked! I never imagined I would have to explain this to my children. My mommy brain raced to find an answer that would be simple enough for someone so young to remember and something that would make the difference in someone’s skin tone a meaningless thing. This is the conversation my daughter and I had that day:

“You know that God makes everyone right?”


“Well if God painted everyone the same color, he would run out of paint, wouldn’t he?”


“So he has to paint everyone just a little differently so he doesn’t run out of paint. See, you and I aren’t exactly the same either” Said while holding my arm next to hers.


And that was the end of that conversation. A couple years later, my son was getting to be about the same age as my daughter and he said something similar, so I had the same conversation with him. It took him a little longer to catch on, but soon he did. There were a few instances at school when he would describe a classmate to me as the brown girl, but he did that only because he was trying to describe what he was seeing. We had several conversations explaining that we don’t use someone’s skin color to describe them because it is not a very nice way to talk about someone.

I’m so proud of my children. They no longer see color as a difference between themselves and others. In fact, it doesn’t even register to them because even our family is all different colors. My daughter and I are both more olive in tone with me being the ‘darkest’ in the family. My husband and son are both very fair skinned with my son being the ‘lightest’ and my husband more apt  to burning in with too much sun. My children describe people by the color or length of their hair, the shirt they are wearing, their height, but NEVER by the color of their skin.

My hope is that their children are raised the same way, and their children after that. And that one day, no one will see color differences as anything other than the slightly different paint color that God chose so he didn’t ‘run out’!

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  1. What a great explanation and on the spot at that! Yes, I would be caught off guard and probably still will be when it happens to me! It is such a touchy subject in our society when it is really just as simple as what God did. Maintaining that innocence is so powerful and will surely pass to each generation. 🙂


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