…The Darnedest Things

Yesterday i picked up my kids from their after school program. As my son ran inside the building from the playground he yells, 'Mom! We got pulled over, but it wasn't our fault!' After a brief awkward silence, all the parents in the room started cracking up! I laughed with everyone else and gathered the... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wow-stravaganza

Seriously don't know why I keep making words using wow in the title. It's Friday and I'm so happy to be back to linking up with Lauren and sharing the top 5 moments of my week. The last couple weeks I've been in such a funk that I haven't been writing much. I'm really hoping... Continue Reading →

Date Night, Wednesday Night

Last night my husband and I had a rare night off from the kids. They stayed with my mom overnight so they can spend the day with her on a river boat tour today. I would be lying if I said I wasn't jealous they were taking a day off on the river! So here's... Continue Reading →

A Chiropractic Mess

After being in intense pain for well over a week (and it has always come and gone over the last few years) I went to a chiropractor yesterday. And found out I'm a mess! I have had a severe pinch sort of pain in my lower left back that stops me from breathing and in... Continue Reading →

An Un-Traditional Easter

Happy Monday everyone! I hope the Easter buddy was exceptionally good to you all. Despite some strange weather, we had a great weekend. Saturday was the annual Easter egg hunt at the city center. It's put on by a local church and they had more than 16,000 eggs for the kids to find! It was... Continue Reading →

Funkity Funk Funk

The title of this post says it all. I'm in a funk. A rut. A blank mind state. I've been struggling with things to write about lately. I keep thinking about things I want to write about, but then I'm either too tired to start or decide the idea wasn't as good as I thought.... Continue Reading →

Blue Water and Peg Legs

This weekend I helped my husband deliver a car he sold to Ft. Lauderdale. I've never been there so I was excited to see that beach. It was a completely different beach than I have ever seen. I'm spoiled and used to being able to drive and park right on the sand. The part of... Continue Reading →

King Of The Mountain

Charley. Our lovely, thinks-he's-a-cat dog, Charley. Most days you can find him lounging around on the top of the couch or sitting in the sunny spot in front of the sliding glass doors. But when the night rolls around, he takes his position of alpha male seriously! A couple years ago he used to sleep... Continue Reading →

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