I’m No Fool

Happy April Fools Day!

I’ve always wanted to pull an epic prank on this day, but I’ve never had a creative enough idea. Over the years I have thought of ‘quitting my job’, convince everyone to ‘call out for the day’, tell people ‘I’m pregnant’, etc. but those have all been done before.

I’m hoping that one day I will have a great prank to play on people. But until then, I’ll settle for hearing other people’s stories of greatness.

Leave a comment below with a great prank you’ve pulled!

One thought on “I’m No Fool

Add yours

  1. I once made up really authentic looking Justin Beiber concert tickets and told a friend that I had bought them for the two of us. I made them $2000 meet and greet passes. My friend HATES J.B. and was so flattered by the idea that I would buy this expensive gift but didn’t know how to say that it was terrible! HA! I let the joke run a couple of hours. It was awesome! One of my bffs in middle school replaced my gym lotion bottle with soap and I sudsy legs!


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