Weekly Wowser

It’s finally Friday and I couldn’t be happier! Yesterday I managed to pull my back out and it literally knocked me to the ground. My husband watched as I gasped and dropped to the floor. So I’m pretty happy that there are only 9 more hours until the bed of the day! Let’s get to linking up with Lauren for the top 5 moments of my week!

1. Spring is finally here and the view from my office is amazing!

2. I’ve started keeping track of how much water I drink every day. I’m drinking about a gallon of water a day now!
That would be my son’s awesome artwork in the background.

3. I downloaded Dierks Bentley’s latest single and have been enjoying my 5 minute drives to work!

4. I finished reading Gone Girl. And had a fun little pre-work photo shoot with the book.

5. I got my hair done again and I’m happy to be back to red!

Enjoy your weekend!

3 thoughts on “Weekly Wowser

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  1. Oh WOW! Your hair is GORGEOUS! What a beautiful color for your skin tone and eyes! Your office view is so peaceful. Very nice! I am sooo excited about having my kids’ art hanging up! YAY! Happy Friday! Hope your back heals up soon!


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