King Of The Mountain

Charley. Our lovely, thinks-he’s-a-cat dog, Charley. Most days you can find him lounging around on the top of the couch or sitting in the sunny spot in front of the sliding glass doors. But when the night rolls around, he takes his position of alpha male seriously!

A couple years ago he used to sleep on my pillow over my head. It was getting pretty aggravating during the nights when I was being pushed off the pillow, so finally he was ousted to the foot of the bed. But now he has decided that he need to claim my pillow once again in a show of male dominance.

I submit to you items A and B:
Charley claims my pillow as I’m walking to bed.
Charley claims my pillow on the couch before I sit down to watch a little TV.

I’m taking this as a game between he and I. So far, he is on the winning side. But just wait until I craw into his crate and claim his blanket before he lays down!!

2 thoughts on “King Of The Mountain

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  1. Bahahah. Our Charlie and I have been in a little battle lately too! What is it? Why is he changing after all these years? So funny. He is totally trying to work his way into new spots in the house! WHY NOW???!!!


    1. Oooh, yours is easy. He knows he’s about to be #2 when the baby gets there! He’s laying claim to ‘his’ spots now! Haha


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