Blue Water and Peg Legs

This weekend I helped my husband deliver a car he sold to Ft. Lauderdale. I’ve never been there so I was excited to see that beach.

It was a completely different beach than I have ever seen. I’m spoiled and used to being able to drive and park right on the sand. The part of Ft. Lauderdale we were in had a very small shore and then ocean so you had to park along the main street. Even so, it was a beautiful view!

After the delivery was done we decided to go to my husband’s favorite Cincinnati restaurant, Skyline. There is only 1 here in Florida so any time he has to travel down south he has to stop.
He’s going to kill me when he sees this picture!

My daughter needed to go to the restroom before we got back into the car to head home for the day and that is where things got strange. Apparently in Ft. Lauderdale only giant peg legged women and tiny wheelchairs are allowed to use the ladies restrooms…
20140408-075148.jpg This was awkward since Rylan had neither a peg leg or a tiny wheelchair. But we scored the key and managed to not get caught breaking the rules!

One thought on “Blue Water and Peg Legs

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  1. Pwahahahha. That sign is precious! Oh, I would love to see my husband’s face if I posted a candid like this! NOT. He’d kill me! 😉 I love doing little work trips with Chris too. We totally find cute restaurants and see new little things…nothing as good as a peg leg bathroom though. HA!


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